Long time ago, during great world plumber crisis Mario had to work as carpenter. As he was still very young back then, he used his junior nickname 'Jumpman'., just before his relationship with Princess Peach, he has his romantic interest in Pauline (I think it is because she was blond back then). Then stupid monkey err I mean Donkey Kong captured Marios ex-girlfriend.


Donkey Kong HTML is a HTML|CSS|JavaScript remake of "Donkey Kong" Game & Watch Nintendo's popular machine. The project has begun one evening, when I was thinking about handheld remake on PC. However I didn't want to make yet-another-game, there are 1000 of it all over the web. So I've chosen... HTML&JavaScript. Main goal is that game have to use first of all HTML commands and THEN JavaScript in few cases.
  • Technology: JavaScript and HTML,
  • Environment: Pure text editor, no HTML makers used,
  • Multibrowser support, (nop)
  • Hi-Scores support, with save ability, (yep)
  • Preferences support, (sound on/off, back on/off), with save ability, (yep)
  • Keyboard control, with own keys settings, [default W, S, A, D, Space], (yep)
  • Background mode, (yep)
  • Sound, (yep)
  • Score limit to 9999 points, (yep)
  • Bonus every *333 points, (yep)
  • Chance Mode, (nop)
Now it's time for differences from the original game. First of all there is score limit to 9999 points, not only 999, so the bonus is every 300, 1300, 2300... points and so on. I had to change sound a little for faster download on the fly, though still sounds good. There is no chance mode :( but... there is a HI-SCORE!!!. The game status will be saved when you exit the game.

I don't have an original, so please forgive me every feature I missed.

ver 4.5

Fixed hook stop when miss is done|still don't have an original.

ver 4.4

Controls fixed|still don't have an original.

ver 3.9

Playable game, not perfect|still don't have an original.

ver 1.1

Creepy code. There are many features like sound on|off switch, keyboard control to come.

ver 0.3

The game is not finished in a matter of lives|points counters, sound, keyboard control. Everything except this is mostly similar to original.


  • MADrigal,, for his version of this game, so I could see this game again. I have also modeled my gfx as I saw it in his version,
  • Nintendo Co. Ltd., for inspiration and making such a great handheld game.


The author is in no way affiliated with Nintendo Co. Ltd.
"Donkey Kong" (DK-52) (c) Nintendo Co. Ltd., 1982
"Game & Watch", "Multi Screen" (c) Nintendo Co. Ltd.

This program is freeware. If you paid for it, you've been ripped.
If so, please contact the author immediately.
You are allowed and encouraged to redistribute it freely.