This is a pseudo 3d shoot'em-up game, more treated by me as a tech demo.


This tech-game was my entry to PDR Coding Competition 4. I had just few days to make this baby, and it shows. Gfx was done in less time, that this text written. Level design took about 15 minutes to implement. I don't know, why the compos have a tendency to came exactly in time when my daily job deadlines are?
  • Technology: Pseudo 3d GBA game using HAM,
  • Environment: PE Visual HAM,
  • Platform: Game Boy Advance,


You play role of an dystopian Earth hero Komandor Gonzo. As a usual daily routine you have to stop alien invasion. You can collect some different weapons left by aliens, grab few of the same kind for power-ups. There is no life|energy counter, just screen blinking on hit.


  • Cursors | move,
  • A | shoot,
  • B | shoot,


  • START | start game,

ver 0.61

First working version became a compo version.


  • Abi, for beer|red bull|moral support,
  • Peter Schraut, for making PE Visual HAM and great help,
  • Emanuel Schleussinger, for making HAMlib.
  • Morbid Visions, for creating my all time inspiration Perihelion game.


This program is freeware. If you paid for it, you've been ripped.
If so, please contact the author immediately.
You are allowed and encouraged to redistribute it freely.