This is my tribute to Rex, a ZX Spectrum (+ Amstrad CPC) game released by Martech Ltd, developed by The Light (Neil Harris, John Anderson, Richard Harris). It is a 2d platformer with some adventure elements. The original is fantastic, just get the emulator and play it!


This game was my entry to GBADEV.ORG Compo in 2003. In fact I have learned just basics to GBA programming. I really tried hard to finish this game until compo deadline, however with all my bloody work and sleepless nights I couldn't to finish whole huge project on time nor tweak gameplay. The game isn't finished, however it's still playable, just go up instead underwater (above cannons).
  • Technology: 2d GBA game engine using HAM,
  • Environment: PE Visual HAM,
  • Platform: Game Boy Advance,


You play role of an intergalactic hero Rex. As there are only enemies in this world, everything what's moving is very dangerous to you. You can hide behind plants, so nobody can spot you, however you are still affected to damage. Get the bubbles to increase fire power, use specials, and first of all - have a fun. Remember to check specials, one special is a weapon select (there are 6 of them for now).


  • Cursors | move,
  • A | jump,
  • B | shoot,
  • LT | change special,
  • RT | use special,
  • START | pause.


  • START | start game,
  • A | enter menus|switch options,
  • B | back to main menu.

ver 0.204

First working version became a compo version.


  • Pawel Czyz, my brother, for making ingame music,
  • Peter Schraut, for making PE Visual HAM, PE Map Editor and help on forum,
  • Emanuel Schleussinger, for making HAMlib.
  • Martech Games Ltd., for inspiration and making such a great game.


The author is in no way affiliated with Martech Games Ltd.

This program is freeware. If you paid for it, you've been ripped.
If so, please contact the author immediately.
You are allowed and encouraged to redistribute it freely.